Emergency services provided to Tobyhanna Twp, Coolbaugh Twp, Tunkhannock Twp, Paradise Twp, and Mount Pocono Borough

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Please allow me to introduce myself my name is Scott Freeden. I am the Director of EMS Operations for Pocono Mountain Regional EMS. I took over this position in April 2010. Pocono Mountain Regional is an EMS organization that is on the path to many new and exciting opportunities.

Our Operational Management Team includes a Coordinator of Operations, ALS Supervisor and BLS Supervisor. We are privileged to have a team that includes very skilled and dedicated Full-Time and PRN Field and Office employees. Approximately 60 EMT’s and Paramedics. We process our own billing for services with 2 employees that work in our billing department. We have an accountant and 1 additional person that functions in the role of executive secretary and to assist with subscriptions.

Pocono Mountain Regional EMS is a non-profit organization that provides Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support to a 146.5 square mile coverage area. We have a staff of approximately 60 employees consisting of full-time and PRN Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. We have 3 Advanced Life Support Ambulances that are in-service 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We have 1 Basic Life Support Ambulance that is in service 24 hours per day/7 days a week.

Pocono Mountain Regional EMS answers 911 emergency services requests to Coolbaugh, Tobyhanna, Tunkhannock, Paradise Townships and Mount Pocono Boro. We provide mutual aid response for surrounding areas when additional support is needed. We respond to approximately 4700 emergency calls per year.

On a monthly basis this represents approximately 330-400 calls per month to our primary service area. We also respond to surrounding communities when their primary service is not available and this monthly call volume can amount to as many as 30 additional monthly 911 emergency service requests. Operationally we pride ourselves on having the resources and capabilities to meet all of the challenges of our primary communities and secondarily to outlying communities during their time of need.

Our coverage area includes approximately 26,000 residents not counting the influx of tourism traffic that the area experiences year round. We have experienced a steadily increasing request for our services over the years.

We are the only ambulance company in Monroe County that has the capabilities of transmitting a patient’s 12 lead EKG from the field directly to the Hospital. By transmitting a 12 lead EKG from the field to the hospital this gives the hospital time to prepare for the arrival of the patient and for immediate transfer to the cardiac-catherization room for immediate life-saving measures to be implemented.

The success of the 12 Lead Transmission capabilities and the Quality Assurance Program we have in place is due to a large part of working with Directly with Dr. Peter Favini who is our Medical Director and the Pocono Medical Center Emergency Department Director. PMREMS meets with Dr. Favini on a monthly basis to discuss and review our emergency calls with the intent of always looking to improve the level of service we offer to our patients.

Recently working cooperatively with the Eastern EMS Council and Monroe County Emergency Management we took on the additional responsibility of housing and deploying the county MCI trailer. This trailer is designed to provide the necessary resources for any event that includes a large number of patients. This service is made available to any other ambulance company in Monroe County that has the need for such a resource.
Pocono Mountain Regional EMS recently included in our services routine non-emergent transports for patients with the medical necessity to have these types of services available to them.  For all subscription members of PMREMS we will extend the benefits of subscriptions to include these types of transports.

This company prides itself on recruitment of the highest qualified personnel and state of the art life saving equipment so that we can provide optimum care to all patients we respond to. In an effort to help offset some of these costs and continue to provide quality care to all within these described boundaries we turn to our communities and the residents of these communities for support.

Our company philosophy is “Bringing Quality Care to All”

If at any time you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Thanks.

Scott Freeden
Director of Operations
Pocono Mountain Regional EMS

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